Goddess Sondra

Goddess Sondra and I have become very good friends. There is a real person inside this luscious busty blonde.

She knows every trick when it comes to handling slaves. Goddess Sondra has starred in many of my videos, and she handles her submissives with elegant ease. They will be slobbering for more, and she excels in the exquisite art of tease. She doesn’t need leashes – her powerful will, sexy voice and incredible body leads them along until she tires of playing with her slave-toys…

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Sondra’s Trained Neophyte
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Blonde Bombshells
Worshipping Goddess Sondra

And visit her outstanding website at: www.serve.com/brazen

Here’s Goddess Sondra…

…You may address Me as Goddess!

A true and lifestyle dominant, born to rule and powerful in every sense of the word. My torso is strong, my tastes are refined, and my superiority is natural and beyond any doubt.

Philosophically, it is folly to believe that a Dominant must experience submission to understand it. True Dominants are born, not made…and I am as real as they come.

I am not easy to please. Those fortunate few brave enough to approach Me and lucky enough to be chosen must be obedient, respectful, honest, sincere and loyal. I demand fidelity, and you may serve no other but Me. Those pathetic enough to violate these commandments are not even good enough to suffer…they are simply banished for all time.

If you are cowardly or unworthy of Me, perhaps you have seen one of My internationally renowned videos: I have produced and starred in many. Much of My writing and photography has been published as well.

It would be foolish to mistake my Femininity for weakness. I train with the boys, hard and heavy. My physical prowess alone is enough to best any slave.

Among my interests: fine food, fine wine and travel. I particularly enjoy Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and New Orleans.

So…are you worthy of Me? We will see, won’t we?

Goddess Sondra